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Pokemon Crystal Version 3DS (WORLD) CIA (VC-GBC)

i'm having an issue where pkhex is telling me the virtual console pokemon crystal is a gen 8 game and is not compatible with pkhex. i found the sav file in the title id folder in nintendo 3ds files not exported i havent been able to get any save managers to work on homebrew or find an installation guide for godmode9

Pokemon Crystal Version 3DS (WORLD) CIA (VC-GBC)


all my games are purchased on 3d on 3ds and ive refreshed jksm and checkpoint doesn't show a refresh. i'm running both out of home brew if that makes a difference. meanwhile the only 4 things that show up are pokemon bank transporter pokemon rumble world and and pokedex 3d. i have crystal gold silver blue shuffle, havestmoon tott, supermario land, and 6 different zeldas all bought off eshop that doesn't show. im wondering if im installing jksm/checkpoint wrong 041b061a72


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