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How to Download AI Bing and Enjoy the Best of the Web

If you want to try out the new Bing limited preview, go to on your desktop and click the blue Join the waitlist button. To sign up, you'll need to use a Microsoft account, so you can either sign in with your existing Microsoft credentials or create a new account. Once you follow all the prompts, you'll be redirected back to the sign-up page, where it should say "Great! You're on the waitlist."

download ai bing

2. Scan the QR code to install the Microsoft Bing App. Use your phone or tablet to scan the QR code and download the Microsoft Bing application for iOS or Android.

To use the feature, first download and then launch the Bing app. Press the Bing icon at the bottom to start a conversation discussion. According to Bing AI, there are no restrictions on the amount of queries users can ask.

If you have the Edge browser on your mobile device, you can use the new AI-powered Bing search in chat mode, much like you would on your computer. There's also the option of skipping the Edge browser and downloading the Microsoft Bing app from your device's app store. This app provides a straight line to the Bing AI chatbot, with the benefit of not having to access a website when you want to use it.

"At its heights Bing hit #4 on the US iOS App download rank in early February," the Bernstein analysts wrote, citing Apptopia data. "Following the launch of the new Bing, Bing's total app download volume has increased by 4x. However, Bing download momentum declined throughout March and April." Bernstein has the equivalent of buy ratings on Google parent Alphabet and Microsoft shares.

Microsoft has a few suggestions for how best to move up the list. Here are the steps (which the utility download on the Faster Access page automates) that Microsoft says will get you the new features faster:

The Bing app on Apple's iOS went from 142nd rank on February 7 to fourth overall on February 9, according to Apptopia data. Downloads of the Bing app jumped to 102,952 on February 9, up significantly from an average of about 12,000 downloads per day in the prior week. Google app downloads, remained steady between 300,000 to 320,000 per day in the same period, Apptopia data shows.

"The app launched in 2009 (I had no idea Bing has been around that long) but just had its largest day of downloads ever," Adam Blacker, Apptopia's director of content and communications, wrote in a report on Friday. "While we expect installs to climb as more people gain access to the AI-powered search, it's largest day is still only 32% of Google Search's installs."

For quick access to your Cloud PC, we have made the Windows 365 app generally available in the Microsoft Store. With the Windows 365 app, you can go from your desktop straight to your Cloud PC, which provides you with a personalized experience tailored to your settings, profile and work style. It also reduces friction for IT administrators who can enable employees with a single sign-on experience. You can download it now at

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You get to skip this step if you already use Microsoft Edge (or just didn't bother to delete it when you downloaded Chrome), but you'll need the browser to run Bing Chat AI, so head here to download Microsoft Edge and install it.

If you've wanted to see what the latest and greatest AI chatbot can offer with GPT-4, but couldn't justify $20 a month for it, then here's your chance to see what all the fuss is about without paying a dime. The only cost is creating a Microsoft account and downloading Microsoft Edge, so here's a step-by-step guide to get Bing AI Chat.

The new Bing Chat is also available for mobile users. If you are using Android or iOS, you can download the app from the Google Play Store and App Store. And the new chat limit of six chats per session and 100 chats per day is also in effect for the Bing mobile app. Previously, it was five chat turns per session and 50 per day. It is also worth noting that normal searches no longer count against chat totals.

By Abhik Sengupta: Microsoft recently unveiled an updated Bing search and Edge browser with AI capabilities. This was a result of Microsoft's close work with OpenAI, the creators of the viral ChatGPT chatbot. The company has announced that updated Bing and Edge with ChatGPT-like AI capabilities are now available to iPhone and Android smartphone users. It means that users can ask queries and get results in a conversational way. To test this, users need to download the Edge or Bing app from the respective app store. Users need to ensure that they are logged in and signed up for Bing AI preview.

You can find this policy setting under Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2016 (Machine)\Updates. This policy setting is available in the Administrative Template files (ADMX/ADML) download starting with version 5011.1000, which was released on May 5, 2020.

You can manually download the background service for Microsoft Search in Bing and then deploy it to devices in your organization. For example, on devices running a version of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise earlier than Version 2005 or on devices with Microsoft 365 Apps for business. Even if manually deployed, the background service will use the same criteria to determine whether to install the extension on the device.

In a new blog post Microsoft has claimed 8 times increase in daily download of Bing Mobile. According to Microsoft the launch of new Bing with AI innovations has powered this growth. The Redmond giant has also announced many new AI features in Bing and Edge rolling out this week.

Microsoft says that users can "get ahead in the line" by downloading the 'Microsoft Defaults' program, which sets Edge and Bing as your default browser and search engine, and by installing the Microsoft Bing app.

The new Bing search engine is available today as part of a limited preview for desktop users. To test the new Edge web browser with the Bing copilot integration, download and install the Developer build from here.

Despite Microsoft's best efforts to make Edge the best web browser, it's still used by many as a means to download their actual browser of choice, Google Chrome. Over the years, we've seen and cringed at, Microsoft's best efforts to keep users from using its competitor's products, which has been going on for years. The browser, the search engine, and even the actual operating system will practically beg you to please keep using Microsoft's products. Now, using Bing's new AI-fueled experience to look up a download link for Google Chrome has yielded a new result.

In the email, as shown in the above screenshot, Microsoft confirmed Bing mobile experience is not ready, but more details will be shared soon, and users are advised to download the mobile app from Play Store or Apple App Store.

When the testing period is over, you'll no longer be able to open the beta build. To install the App Store version of the app, download or purchase the app from the App Store. In-app purchases are free only during beta testing, and any in-app purchases made during testing will not carry over to App Store versions.

Note: To automatically download additional in-app content and assets in the background once a beta app is installed in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, or macOS 13, turn on Additional In-App Content in your App Store settings for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Bing AI is available for Windows and macOS on the Microsoft Edge browser. The tool is also available on the Skype, Edge, and Bing mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. If you have a computer with Windows 10 and 11, Bing AI will be incorporated. You can download Bing AI for the previous Windows versions, Mac computers, and other operating systems such as Linux.

Meanwhile, on the Apple App Store, the Bing app has rocketed to the top of the charts, with global downloads rising 10x overnight. Microsoft did state that downloading the Bing app (alongside setting a few defaults) can help users jump the waitlist queue, so some of those downloads could be attributed to that. Microsoft Edge also witnessed a spike in downloads, rising to rank number three in the utility app category.

In the previous month, Bing did not crack the top 3,000 most downloaded apps on the iOS App Store, with approximately 400,000 downloads in January. Downloads in the two days following the announcement surpassed the January total.

For those rushing to download the new app, there is a waitlist to access ChatGPT functions. Microsoft confirmed that over one million people have signed up for the waitlist in 48 hours, so it might take some time to gain access.

On iOS and Android phones, you can easily download and install Edge from respective App Stores. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not offer Edge through Mac App Store. You have to download the installer package from their website to install Edge on Mac. Open Safari browser and go to the official Microsoft Edge download page. Remember, to use Safari for downloading the Edge app. If you use Chrome or other browser in Mac to download the app, it may not work after installation.

On the Microsoft Edge Insider page, you can download the beta, dev, or canary versions of the browser. Beta versions get a major update with a preview of new features every four weeks, development versions receive an update every week, and canary versions are updated every day with the latest fixes that Microsoft is testing. However, if you want to be the first to try out the updated version of Edge, be sure to stay glued to Microsoft's Edge Insider page.

Go to, and you'll find a beautiful photo background and search box just like before, and it may seem like very little has changed. If you check, you will find a chat button on the top of the page, to the left side of Images. When you click this button right now, you'll see the message that it's not available yet. You need to wait until the new Bing has been released.

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