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[FULL] Dt01 Img Pes 2013 ##TOP##

This counter-intuitive mod replaces the team specific chants with "something else". Consequently, a wide and subtle soundscape comes to the fore in matches, including whistles from the crowd, different calls for teams from different parts of the world, and some lovely on pitch accents. Try it for a change. You'll be surprised.If you are swapping about team mods and getting the wrong chants for teams, or if you just feel the team specific chants are too repetitive or loud, this is a mod worth trying.InstallationUnrar and copy the dt01.img file to your PES2013/img folder. Backup your original in case you wish to use it later.Tip: If you are using Jenkey's Unlock tool, 1.02 or later, it is also worth increasing the sound effect volume from default.Try this:[sound]effect.volume=1.3

[FULL] dt01 img pes 2013



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