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Wm8650 Netbook Wince6 V2 Zip

As a WinCE adicted I was resisting to buy these new chinese netbooks for too long. But now finally I got mine from dealextreme ( ), after pondering a lot, because it doesn't have a touchscreen (one of the best features of our HPCs ). But I was excited about the possibility to install diferent OSes to this little machine. Mine came with WinCE6.0 installed, but I heared that there are Android ROMs for chinese netbooks all around, and I wanna try to run it, maybe even configure a dualboot WinCE / Android. But unfortunately all Android images I found was for 8505 processors. As I don't want to transform my working WinCE6.0 netbook into a chinese paperweight, I wanna know if anybody was sucessfully installed android or any other linux on their 8650 based netbooks.

Wm8650 netbook wince6 v2 zip

Also, I will need WinCE6.0 images to come back to WinCE if I want, and I will probably do! I googled a lot about this, but couldn't find anything. I know that it is possible because looking at dealextreme I can find the exactly same netbook with the same specs, but running Android instead of WinCE. Posted 2011-09-28 7:15 PM #. RTFM - 2011-09-29 1:44 AM There are tons of roms for the wm8650 tablets/netbooks.

I personally have an m009s tablet and a generic 7' netbook that my custom rom 'Modroid' works on. As for the wince recovery files you're on your own there. I haven't seen any yet. Cheers thats exactly the point! I found some android roms at slatedroid forums, but Im afraid of not being able to return to wince. Is it possible to save my current nand data and then restore it latter? Thanks tawaz Posted 2011-10-03 12:53 PM #.

Well you're in luck. I found a Russian wince6 wm8650 firmware and modified it back to English and made a bunch of changes and added/removed some software. Simply extract the zip to your microsd card and power on. The flash process will begin, it will boot into safe mode (in chinese ), then it will copy the full system.

Some utilities and a slew of other useful software installed. Download (74mb ): Cheers Edited by RTFM 2011-10-05 5:00 AM Posted 2011-10-05 7:46 PM #. RTFM, Many thanks for your work! Do you think that this version of wince will work for my netbook?

I really dont wanna mess everything. Because it seems that there are other versions of the 8650 processor and maybe some small differences in hardware, like video card, etc. What are the specs of your netbook? As you can see from my first post, mine is a 350Mhz 8650 branded 'imos'. If it works, I can latter start working on a dual boot with android, what do you think?


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