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GEO5: A Geotechnical Software Suite with Full IDM Support

GEO5 is a software suite for solving geotechnical problems based on traditional analytical methods and Finite Element Method (FEM). It consists of several standalone programs that can be used individually or in combination to design and analyze various types of geotechnical structures, such as foundations, slopes, retaining walls, tunnels, and more. GEO5 also supports full IDM (Integrated Design Management) functionality, which allows users to manage and share data across different programs and projects.

Features of GEO5

GEO5 offers a number of features that make it a powerful and user-friendly geotechnical software suite. Some of these features are:

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  • Intuitive Interface: GEO5 programs have a unified environment and an intuitive top-down workflow. Users can easily input data, perform calculations, and view results in graphical or tabular forms. GEO5 also provides interactive help, tutorials, and examples for each program.

  • From the Survey to the Advanced Design: GEO5 integrates geological data modeling with advanced geotechnical tasks. Users can import borehole logs, CPT data, geological cross-sections, and other geotechnical data from various sources and use them to create realistic 3D models of the subsurface. These models can then be used as inputs for various geotechnical analyses and designs.

  • Analytical Methods & FEM: GEO5 enables comparison of two independent solutions for each problem: one based on analytical methods and one based on FEM. This allows users to verify the accuracy and reliability of their results and choose the most suitable method for their needs. GEO5 also provides tools for performing sensitivity analyses, parametric studies, optimization, and probabilistic analyses.

  • Mobile App for Borehole Logging: GEO5 offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices that allows users to create and edit borehole logs in the field. The app can synchronize data with the desktop version of GEO5 and export logs in various formats.

Full IDM Support

GEO5 supports full IDM functionality, which means that users can manage and share data across different programs and projects. IDM allows users to:

  • Create Project Structures: Users can organize their projects into folders and subfolders, assign names and descriptions, and set access rights for each project.

  • Import and Export Data: Users can import and export data from various sources, such as Excel files, text files, databases, CAD files, GIS files, etc. Users can also use drag-and-drop functionality to move data between different programs.

  • Link Data: Users can link data between different programs, such as geological models, material properties, loads, boundary conditions, etc. This ensures that any changes made in one program are automatically reflected in other linked programs.

  • Share Data: Users can share data with other users or groups of users within the same network or online. Users can also use cloud storage services to store and access their data from anywhere.


GEO5 is a comprehensive geotechnical software suite that offers a range of solutions for various types of geotechnical problems. It combines traditional analytical methods with FEM to provide accurate and reliable results. It also supports full IDM functionality to enable efficient data management and collaboration. GEO5 is a software suite that can meet the needs of geotechnical engineers, consultants, researchers, students, and anyone interested in geotechnical engineering.

To learn more about GEO5, visit [the official website] or download [the free trial version].


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