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Vivian Velez Rudy Farinas Betamax Scandal

Vivian Velez Rudy Farinas Betamax Scandal

The Vivian Velez Rudy Farinas Betamax Scandal was one of the most sensational and controversial scandals in Philippine showbiz history. It involved the actress Vivian Velez and the politician Rudy Farinas, who were in a romantic relationship in the 1980s. The scandal erupted when a sex video of the couple was allegedly leaked and circulated in the market.


The Background

Vivian Velez was a popular and sexy actress who starred in several movies and TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. She was known as the "Ms. Body Beautiful" of Philippine cinema and was dubbed as the "Queen of Pinoy Bold Movies". She was also a singer and a dancer who performed in various nightclubs and concerts.

Rudy Farinas was a lawyer and a politician who served as a congressman, governor, and mayor of Ilocos Norte. He was also a member of the Nacionalista Party and an ally of former President Ferdinand Marcos. He was married to Maria Teresa Carlson, a former beauty queen and actress who committed suicide in 2001.

Velez and Farinas met in 1981 when they were both guests in a TV show hosted by Freddie Webb. They soon became lovers and had a passionate affair that lasted for several years. They were often seen together in public events and social gatherings. They also appeared in some movies together, such as "Karma" (1981) and "Palabra de Honor" (1983).

The Scandal

In 1988, a sex video of Velez and Farinas was allegedly leaked and distributed in Betamax tapes, which were the common format for home video recording at that time. The video showed the couple engaging in various sexual acts in different locations, such as a hotel room, a swimming pool, and a yacht. The video was said to be very explicit and graphic, and it caused a huge uproar among the public.

The origin and motive of the leak were never confirmed, but there were several speculations and rumors. Some said that it was done by Farinas' political enemies to ruin his reputation and career. Some said that it was done by Velez's showbiz rivals to sabotage her popularity and projects. Some said that it was done by an angry or jealous lover of either Velez or Farinas. Some said that it was done by the couple themselves to generate publicity and controversy.

The scandal had a negative impact on both Velez and Farinas. Velez faced backlash from her fans, peers, and family. She lost some of her endorsements, contracts, and roles. She also suffered from depression and anxiety. She decided to leave the country and move to the United States, where she stayed for several years. Farinas faced criticism from his constituents, colleagues, and wife. He lost some of his political clout, influence, and support. He also faced legal troubles, such as tax evasion charges and impeachment complaints.

The Aftermath

The scandal eventually faded from the public attention as new issues and controversies emerged. Velez and Farinas ended their relationship shortly after the scandal broke out. They both moved on with their lives and careers.

Velez returned to the Philippines in 1995 and resumed her showbiz career. She appeared in some movies and TV shows, such as "Ang Probinsyano" (2015) and "The General's Daughter" (2019). She also became an advocate for women's rights, environmental protection, and animal welfare. She is currently married to an American businessman named Chuck Dreyfus.

Farinas continued his political career despite the scandal. He served as a congressman from 1992 to 2001, as a governor from 2004 to 2010, and as a mayor from 2010 to 2013. He also became one of the lead prosecutors in the impeachment trial of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez in 2011. He is currently serving as a congressman again since 2013. He is also known for his large family of eight children from different women.

The Legacy

The Vivian Velez Rudy Farinas Betamax Scandal remains one of the most notorious scandals in Philippine showbiz history. It is often cited as an example of the dark side of fame, power, and lust. It is also often referenced in pop culture, such as in jokes, memes, and parodies. A YouTube video titled "Fariñas-Velez Scandal" has over 1.6 million views as of April 2021.

The scandal also raised some issues and questions about the privacy, morality, and legality of sex videos. It sparked debates and discussions about the ethics and implications of recording, leaking, and watching such videos. It also exposed the vulnerability and exploitation of celebrities and public figures in the media and society.


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